On Planet Earth All Children Are Equal
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  - To share this message of peace and equality

"All people are equal and should live together in peace and harmony."
  - A world at peace.
  - A world filled     with peace, love and respect.
  - A world in which people treat others as they want others to treat them.

The Peace Twins Pledge

Sign the Pledge. 

Help create a world filled with peace, equality, respect and love.

I promise to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

I promise to treat others the way I want others to treat me. 

I promise to not bully anyone. 

I promise to not say mean things about other people. 

I promise to build a community of peace.

I promise to do something nice every day. 

I promise to not spread rumors about other people. 

I promise to seek truth and justice.

I promise to respect other people's opinions. 

I promise to make the world a better place. 

I promise to help those in need.

I promise to be the best person I can be.